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Our most successful project has been developing a YouTube Channel called PokéFlix. We created a YouTube channel and an Instagram account of the same name and have seen incredible growth. This was done by learning about our audience's needs and putting SEO strategies in place all while still creating content that we love making.

pokeflix_logo_with_white_background circle.jpg

YouTube ~7k Subscribers ~5M Views

When short-form content gained popularity we saw the potential to make high-quality videos using animation and motion graphics to discuss pop-culture topics. We saw a huge spike in subscriber and views growth allowing us to be monetised soon after.

graph pokeflix.png

PokéFlix Instagram ~30k Followers

Our other venture was an Instagram account which saw growth a lot sooner. The account was initially to drive people to our channel, but it very quickly gained an audience of its own. The account now features our short-form content

insta posts collage.png

PokéFlix Tiktok ~ 2.6k Followers ~158.6k likes

The latest addition to PokéFlix is our TikTok, it's is an exciting new platform to put our short-form content in front of a different audience. We are constantly using TikTok to try new formats to better understand our audience. 

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