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About Us

Our Journey so far...

Fame Week 2022

Studio Djembe specialises in visual and concept development. We hope to create and grow local animated projects into blossoming new animated content. We’re looking for creatives who will use colourful visuals to tell captivating stories. This is achieved through translating a writer’s idea into a series of concept art that illustrates the world and characters but also establishes a style that caters towards the stories being told.


Christopher Cuningham and Connor Rhoda started the studio in 2022 after one of their projects was accepted into the Tshimologong Road to Annecy Incubation Program, which led them to being able to present at the Annecy Festival in France. After this amazing experience, they knew their ideas had potential and needed a way to bring in more creatives to tell more stories.


"The name Djembe (An African drum) came to mind as we wanted something to symbolise our African roots and the playful energy we bring to our brand."


The Studio aims to bring attention and opportunities to young creatives like themselves hoping to get into the animation industry.


The Studio is based in Cape Town South Africa, inspired by local art and design that surrounds them. The two met in high school connecting over their love of Animation, which they agree is probably from watching way too many cartoons growing up. Now they’re combining their creativity into making memorable animations.


With our network of artists from around Africa, we have adopted unconventional and broadening ways of thinking that have inspired a more authentic process of developing innovative concepts. We strive to initiate creativity in the most effective and economical way to make artists and their work as accessible as possible. Since the dawn of rock paintings, art has become the key to communicating one’s inner thoughts and dreams which we will introduce to reality.

Fame Week 2022 Netflix Lounge
Annecy, France Roho: The Age of Masks pitch for animation
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